House rules

Lees de huisregels in het Nederlands

THE HOUSE RULES are written to provide everyone with a clear understanding of and to prevent misunderstandings that may occur by explaining you the conduct of business within the boundaries of the Dutch law. Rules are being maintained carefully and strictly to ensure each guest a pleasant stay.

  1. Entrance exclusively for persons of 18 years and older, even for minors accompanied by an adult.
  2. ID is obligatory for everyone; and should be showed upon our request (as of 01.01.2005 is each citizen of 14 years and older obliged by law to carry a valid ID at all times).
  3. Only the following ID is accepted: passport, identity card & driver’s license. So: not expired, no copies, no elderly cards, no student cards.
  4. When we encounter a fake ID, police is informed immediately; you will not be welcome in at Anna`s Coffeeshop ever again.
  5. We like to get a clear view at your face when you show us your ID (please take off your helmet, cap, sun glasses, etc).
  6. Possession, use and dealing hard drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited: we will call the police immediately when we identify or suspect such activities, you are not welcome ever again.
  7. The law allows us buy 5 grams per person per day maximum. You are not allowed to carry more than 5 grams whilst in our coffee shop. We do not tolerate selling, not in the coffee shop and not in the neighbourhood of the coffee shop. We will take the same action as mentioned in 6.
  8. The Dutch law on tobacco prohibits smoking tobacco in the Coffeeshop. Therefore we cannot allow anyone to smoke tobacco products inside.
  9. Selling our products to minors will never be tolerated.
  10. Possession of weapons, whatever kind, is prohibited.
  11. Aggression will never be tolerated.
  12. Discrimination will never be tolerated.
  13. We have the right to refuse customers entrance to the building at any point.
  14. Consumptions have to be paid for immediately; a consumption is compulsory; you are not allowed to bring your own.
  15. It is forbidden to use your mobile phone.
  16. Dogs are not allowed inside.
  17. Those who do not park their vehicle in a proper manner will not be served.
  18. We are frequently (24/7) checking up on disturbance and hindrance in the shop and neighbourhood, such as making noise and leaving trash. At identification we will report the crime to the police.

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